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How Long does it Take Before the No No Hair Removal System Shows Results?

For anyone with excess hair, finding a product that gets rid of it easily and permanently is always a problem. So many systems promise amazing results, but few actually deliver.


This is one reason why the No No Hair Removal system has been so successful. Not only does it actually work, but it shows amazing results in only a few weeks.


How does the No No Hair Removal system work on excess hair? -- The No No Hair Removal system is a small electrical device that sends a pulse of electricity down the shaft of the hair and into the root.


The electric pulse burns the root, and causes the hair to break off and fall out. It does this with every hair in the area of the body you are treating. It does not burn your skin, however, just the hair.


You must then keep using the NoNo Hair Removal over the next couple of months every time the hair begins to grow back. As you do, you will see it is growing back in much finer. The finer your hair, the faster you will see results. The darker the hair, the longer it will take.


How long to see permanent results? -- Most users report noticing a huge difference in the thickness and texture of their excess hair in just a few weeks.


After around 60 days, the hair will be noticeably thinner and much lighter in color than before. When this happens, you will be able to cut down the use of the device from daily or every other day to just once or twice a week. The longer you use it, the more you will notice how the hair is disappearing, until eventually you will hardly need to use it at all.

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